Why Are Electric Flower Vapes So Great?

Updated: Sep 25

Every consumption method has a particular experience. The electric flower vaporizer is an amazing tool for beginners and connoisseurs alike. In general, they heat an internal oven chamber to a chosen temperature heating the cannabis, while releasing the flower resin and terpenes. There is no combustion of the actual flower, making it a little smoother on the inhale.

They come in many different styles and are either operated by physical buttons on the unit or by an app. If the vaporizer is operated by an external app, make sure to check if your phone can download that app and that you will be able to calibrate your unit before you buy. That will avoid some unnecessary tears.

Vaporizing flowers, present less intensity on the inhale, and a major boost to enjoying the flavours presented by the plant's genetics. The effects can still come on strong, but will not normally be as powerful or intense as a bong rip or a joint.

If you are looking to experience a specific array of flavours, purchase a flower vaporizer with an adjustable temperature. What many don't know is that a quick internet search will tell you the vaporization temperature of the terpene you would like to experience, if you know it's present in your product. For example, OG Kush often has some of the terpene Fenchol. This is present in things like basil, lemon, pine and camphor. To enjoy this flavour, temperatures of around 170-190 degrees Celsius, will draw out it's tasty freshness.

Some flower vaporizers also can handle concentrates. If you'd like to skip the blow torch and potential of injury due to dab rig inexperience, look for a vaporizer like the Utillian, 722 shown above. It can handle the concentrates well, and deliver a powerful experience with shatter, hash and rosin.

There are lots of reasons to add an electric vaporizer to your collection of cannabis consumption tools and methods. If you have fallen out of love with one of your favourite strains, why not rekindle the love affair by trying it in a flower vaporizer?

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