Tropic Thunder by Shred.

Updated: Sep 25

Review by Scotlynn B


  • Tropic Thunder Shred

Type of flower

  • Hybrid

Visual first impressions

  • Bright, clean, right to the point packaging

  • Fluffy weed

  • No seeds/stems

  • Integra Booster in each bag to keep weed nice and fresh


  • Citrus

  • Tropical

  • Gassy

Tasting Notes and experience

  • Citrus/gassy flavour

  • Little harsh on the throat

Consumption method

  • Bong

Perceived effects

  • Fast acting

  • Strong head high

  • Relaxing effect but not couch locked

Would recommend for

  • On the go

  • Quick seshes

  • Someone on a budget

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