Strain Review: Monkey Glue, by Good Supply.

All Hail the Monkey!

Strain Name:

Monkey Glue by Good Supply.


1g Pre-Rolled Joint

Type of Flower:

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Visual First Impressions:

The joint looked huge. Clearly I am not accustomed to buying big joints and this one looked a little intimidating to think of smoking alone. The paper was bright white and packed nice and tight. It looked great!


Earthy, sour and floral

Tasting Notes & Experience:

Sharp, floral note on the tight first inhale. then the flavour mellowed with a few more draws to be a potent resinous experience, tasting notes of burned marshmallow, violet, sour and earth. I had 3 big hauls off the joint and already the tip was showing resin production coming from the flower. It was visually beautiful against the stark white of the rolling paper. After 3 draws, I was at a comfortable experience level, and returned the extinguished joint, to the included "doob toob".

Consumption Method:

Joint, lit with clipper lighter.

Perceived Effects:

I perceived an immediate radiating head high that felt very strong. I was enjoying my own headspace, which some how felt as if it expanded. I felt free to explore bright happy memories and the effect spurned a desire to read some poetry. To pin it down, I felt a sense of happy nostalgia. A Dairy Milk "Fireworks" chocolate bar was also a great companion snack. For me, this strain is a relaxer, even though it is considered Sativa dominant.

Would Recommend For:

Experienced Cannabis Consumer. This strain hits fast and hard, and could potentially overwhelm a first time smoker. Someone who wants a feeling of nostalgia, warm memories, or a solid meditation session would enjoy this. I found this strain sedating, rather than energizing. It did effect my balance, so I personally would plan for some TV watching, reading or couch lock after enjoying this joint.

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