Strain Review: Limelight 1g Cart. By Edison.

Updated: Sep 25

Strain Name: Limelight Edison

Reviewed by: Marc

Format: 1g. Vape cart

Type of Flower: Hybrid

Visual First Impressions: very clean minimalistic tank design. Nice dark blue mate finish on the entire cartridge. Minimal branding, helping keep a clean look.

Aroma: N/a given format

Tasting Notes & Experience:

Extremely smooth on the inhale with slight lime hues in vapour flavour. Flavour greatly increases in potency on exhale. A wonderful array of lime and citrus hints. Noted: a little harsh on too big of a hit and caused some coughing.

Consumption Method: 2.8v with Yocan Uni Pro vape mod.

Perceived Effects: a smooth and gradual state of relaxation. The lime like taste gave some mild munchies for some snacking.

Would Recommend For: - A nice sunny afternoon listening to your favourite tunes with a nice cold glass of lemonade and soaking in the rays.

  • to help decompress after a long day at work and needing some time to relax and unwind

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