Speak Easy: A Budtenders Guide To Getting The Products You Want.

Have you been curious about going to one of our Capturing Eden locations, but are not sure how to ask for the products you are looking for? Here is a simple and handy guide to help influence your conversations with our professional bud tenders.

We Care!

We are passionate about listening to your stories and sharing our product knowledge for the benefit of the great folks who come in our shops. Consider how you'd like to consume. Cannabis comes in smokeable, edible, vape-able, topically applied and drinkable forms. Guiding your bud tender to your preference for smell, flavour and taste, will greatly help them get a feel for your interests and enjoyment. Tell them about your cannabis experiences, what you enjoyed, and what you'd like to taste. They will use their tools to help you towards a great experience!

Weed Speak:

Recreational bud tenders, are often compassionate caring folks. Our professionals, are really knowledgeable about many aspects of consumption, however, we can not answer medical advice or suggest products to treat specific ailments. Adjusting the language to ask for products that are "relaxing", "uplifting" or "calming" will help direct you to some great products. Use words like Low, medium and high potency, and tell them if you are experienced or a beginner. Avoid asking your bud tender to prescribe cannabis, for a specific ailment. That is the role of a medical professional.


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