Product Review: Moose Labs Mouth Peace:

Keeping your inhales sweet, clean and safe from extra contaminates:

Today, we'd like to do a review of the amazingly functional and fun "Mouth Peace"from Moose Labs.

What are these fabulous cones of wonderful you ask? They are high grade silicone, mouth pieces priced right for individuals to elevate their inhalation of cannabis smoke and vapour. Essentially, they sit on top of, or screw into your various smoking and vaping devices, making sure no other mouth has touched where you are inhaling from. An activated charcoal filter sits in the opening of the cone, and filters out some of the more harsh and harmful particulates found in your smoke such as dust, ash and resin.

Test driving this product was so easy. It became quickly clear, how wonderful the charcoal filter disk was a useful tool and very worth the price of the unit, to see exactly what is not going in your lungs when you are using this handy tool.

The silicone feels soft to the face and eliminates problems like resin stained bongs, and harsher smoking flowers in joint or vaporizer form.

Overall I have this product 5 stars for functionality and ease of use and cleaning. I can say, I would not hesitate to work this little beauty in to my sessions. Why not come on into the shop or order online, and give your lungs a little treat with this handy mouthpiece/personal filter!

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