Grinder Review: Zeus Bolt. It's Deluxe in Every Way.

Updated: Sep 25

Getting the perfect grind for your loose flower, is easy with the Zeus Bolt Grinder. It is made with aircraft grade aluminum, a spacious diamond pattern, that makes grinding a breeze! I loved the fine mesh compartment for sifting out kief and the handy scooper tools that are included. This grinder is sturdy, built to last and very ergonomically pleasing to operate. If you want to elevate your cannabis flower consumption, do yourself the favour of employing a good grinder for your sessions.

Start with properly humidified loose flower. (See previous blog post about boost packs for more info) Grinding cannabis that is too dry makes a fine powder, and contributes to disappointment come rolling time. Do yourself proud and prepare your cannabis to the perfect moisture level and get perfect results every time! The Zeus Bolt Grinder will be a fan favourite for a long time coming!

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