Forest Bathing with Cannabis, A Love Letter to Rural Ontario.

Capturing Eden, has locations in close proximity to some of the most gorgeous natural environments in our province of Ontario Canada.

This afternoon, I decided to stroll with my dog to a local green space I knew would be serene and solitary, with a blanket, a thermos of coffee, some dog treats and my new Island Honey vape cartridge. I sat down, enjoyed the bird sounds, wind on my face and my dog happily chasing squirrels. The really great stuff about life, shiny and cheerful.

Experiencing cannabis outdoors, has become an explorative hobby during the recent lock downs, encouraging me to embrace the smells, sights and sounds that present themselves. The smooth path, the budding plants and tree canopy, greeted me like old friends. I realized though, that adventuring outdoors with cannabis, should warrant some planning. Here's some advice to craft your own experience.

Make sure you are not driving. Never ever drive when you have consumed cannabis. Walk there or have a friend who is supportive of your adventure, transport you without enjoying cannabis themselves. Walking to a location for forest bathing is always best when possible.

Try to plan for a smooth walking path. This will keep you safer than trying to navigate a rocky or root rich trail.

Bring music, or let the natural sights and sounds create an atmosphere to match the experience you want.

Notice if the cannabis you are enjoying has similar smells to the trees around you. Evergreen trees are packed with Alpha and Beta Pinene, as well as Fenchol. Juniper smell is a big part of the great experience in strains like "Blue Dream".

Take some time to enjoy sitting and experiencing your thoughts.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and hydrate.

Ask your bud tender, what strains they'd like to enjoy while forest bathing, and you might just get some very interesting suggestions!

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