Are You Packing? The Joy of Humidity Packs.

To enjoy a smooth consumption experience, dry flower, can be moisturized to the perfect humidity, protecting terpenes, while avoiding mold. We suggest keeping your cannabis flowers in top shape by using a stash jar and a humidity pack!

If you were experiencing your cannabis inhale as being too harsh, try adding a humidity pack to that container and in as little as a few hours, you will see, smell and taste the difference that properly humidified flower can deliver.

Some old school seasoned users, have been using citrus peel in their jars to improve the moisture content and reduce harshness. While this idea delivers a nice citrus taste and can re-humidify your cannabis, you can introduce mold, contaminates and a reduction of potency. Citrus in general, in its natural form can reduce the effects of THC, so be aware, fresh humidity packs offer a safe and clean method of keeping your flower optimal.

For all you fans of the film "Zoolander", I offer you this quote:

"Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty"- Derek Zoolander

Especially when dry weed smokes harsh. Do yourself a favour and try popping one in there.

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